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Conga Contracts Navigation Toolbar Updates and New Interface

The Conga Contracts toolbar is updated with a new look and interface!  Several sections were moved to give you a streamlined experience.

Key changes include:

  • The toolbar's color theme is updated from a dark blue background to white.
  • The search bar is now located on the left.
  • There is a new Home menu option. Click on it to return to your dashboard.

  • The Companies menu option now takes you to the All Companies page, and the dropdown has the following options:
    • Add Company
    • Projects

  • The Contracts menu option takes you to the All Contracts page. Requests, Approvals, and Clauses are now located under this dropdown menu, including:
    • Add Contact
    • My Contracts
    • Projects

  • The new Documents option takes you to the Global Documents page.

    • If you've purchased the Documents Packages add-on, it is available as a dropdown option.

  • The new Tools option replaces MyPlace. Reports is now located under this dropdown menu, including:
    • Calendar
    • Events
    • People 
    • Search Query 
  • BI Toolbox and Supplier Registrations are listed here if you've purchased these add-ons. 
  • There are three new icons on the right side of the toolbar that give you the following options:
    • Gear Icon
      • The Admin section options are now all consolidated here.
    • Question Mark Icon
      • Create a ticket
        This option is only available for System Admins. 
      • View Knowledge Base
      • View your Contracts version number

    • Person Icon
      • Click on your name to access User Preferences
      • Log Out 

Learn more about Conga Contracts and User options in the Conga Contracts User Guide.