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Adding an External Person

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

You can easily add external people to your Address Book so you can send them email messages whenever they need to be kept informed, or their input is needed, during the contract creation, negotiation, management, renewal, or archival processes.  Although an external person cannot access Conga Contracts directly, they can participate in document/esignature packages and supplier registrations using the Portal, and the eSignature cloud when their electronic signature is required on documents.

Before adding an external person, ensure that the person has not already been added to Conga Contracts by running a search.  If you want to link an external person to a company, add the person as a company person.

1.  Click Tools in the Navigation Toolbar to display the menu, and then click the People link.

2.  In the Person Browse screen, click Add External Person in the toolbar.

3.  Populate the required fields: First Name, Last Name, and Email Address.

4.  In the Functions list, click on each every function that the external person can have in Conga Contracts.

  • To deselect a function, click on the highlighted function.

5.  (Optional) Populate the remaining fields for the external person.

6.  Click Save.