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Processing a Resubmitted Supplier Registration

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

A supplier can resubmit a registration from the Conga Contracts Portal after a Conga Contracts user has already approved their original registration request. When the approver receives email notification that the supplier has resubmitted their registration, the approver must compare the information in the resubmitted registration to the original information, and decide whether or not to update the information in the Company Profile.

1.  From the email message, click the Go To Supplier Registration link.

2.  Log in to Conga Contracts to be directed to the Supplier Registration Profile screen.

3.  Review the updates made to the supplier registration:

  • In the Documents section of the screen, locate any new documents added to the registration.
    • Click to download a copy of a document for review.
  • Click View Changes in the toolbar.
    • When the screen refreshes, review the fields that have been updated.
      • To accept a change, leave the field's check box selected.
      • To reject a change, clear the field's check box.

New information is displayed in a field with a red outline and a selected check box.

4.  Process the resubmitted supplier registration:

  • Click Accept in the toolbar to accept the supplier's changes, including any new documents.
  • Click Cancel to decline the changes made by the supplier.
    • When the Supplier Registration Profile screen redisplays, click Decline.
    • In the Decline Registration prompt:
      • Enter the reason(s) for declining the supplier registration in the Notes field.
      • Click Submit.