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Generating a Supplier Registration Report

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

You can generate a report on the supplier registrations that are displayed in your Supplier Registrations Browse screen. The Supplier Registration Report provides a chronology of each registration, including contact information for the supplier, the dates on which the registration's status changed as it moved through the review process, as well as notes that identify each step in the process.

1.  Click My Place in the Navigation Toolbar to display the menu, and then click the Supplier Registrations link.

2.  In the Supplier Registration Browse screen, click Supplier Registration Report in the toolbar.

3.  In the Supplier Registration Report Options prompt:

  • Make a selection in the Report Format list:
    • XLS - displays report in Excel Spreadsheet
    • PDF - displays report as Portable Document Format file
    • HTML - displays report in a system-formatted Report Preview window
  • Click OK.

The report below is the HTML version of the report, which displays in the Report Preview window. The report is grouped by Registration Types, depicted by a top-level gray header, such as General Supplier Registration.  Below the top-level header is a Company name and the Status of the supplier registration for this company.  Below the Company name are lower-level gray headers that group the information for the supplier by category, such as Supplier Address and Registration History.  Below the lower-level gray headers are fields with the captured information for the supplier company.