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Report Browse Screen

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Report Browse screen stores and provides access to all the reports you have created, as well as the global reports that have been shared with you. From the Browse screen, you can preview, generate, share, and make a copy of any report, except an Analytics Report.



Report Group

Identify the groups used to organize reports:

  • Standard reports created using the Report Wizard are categorized as Report Group: Company, Report Group: Contract, Report Group: Project, and Report Group: Request .
    • If a Secondary category was selected in the Wizard, the grouping will display both the primary and secondary categories, such as Report Group: Contract and Events.
  • Advanced Reports are displayed under Report Group: Advanced Report, and the group name will be appended by Company, Project, or Request, depending on the primary (and any secondary) reporting data  selected.
    • For example, if you created an advanced report showing key contract data for a company, the report would be displayed as Report Group: Advanced Report: Company Contract.
  • Analytics Reports are displayed under Report Group: Analytics Report.
  • Global Reports are displayed under Report Group: Global Reports and identify the reports that were created by another user and shared with all other program users.
B Report record
  • Identify the reports that you have created, and those that have been shared with you, using the report's name, description, and creation date.
    • Preview or generate a standard or advanced report using the icons described in E-G below. 
    • Double-click on a standard or advanced report to edit it.
    • Launch an analytics report by clicking its Icon Report1.png icon to both generate and edit the report.


Search option

  • Click Icon SearchList.png to display a list of searchable fields, and then click in the check box to the left of the fields you want to search.
  • Enter a beginning keyword or value in the Search field, and clickFor example, entering the word Customer and selecting the Report Name check box will display accurate search results for all customer reports.
  • Click Icon Search Clear.png to clear the filter.


Copy icon

Click  to make a copy of the report.

E Preview icon Click  to preview the report in a Preview Report window.
F Adobe icon Click    to generate the report as a PDF file.
G Excel icon Click   to generate the report as an Excel spreadsheet.
H Share icon

Click   to share the report with other users.

You can only share the reports that you create

I Show in Groups check box

Clear if you do not want reports to be grouped in the browse screen, which will remove the group headings and display reports alphabetically by report name.

J Group By This Field option

Change the default grouping option:

  • Click on the column heading you want to group by: Report Name, Description, or Created On.
  • Click on the column heading's Icon Column.png icon, and click Group by this field in the Sort/Column/Group menu.

If the group option was previously disabled, ensure the Report Group check box is selected in the Sort/Column/Group menu.


Column display

To customize the information in the screen, hover over a column heading until the Icon Column.png icon displays, and click on it to open the Sort/Column/Group menu.  Click Columns to display a list of available fields, and select the fields you want displayed by clicking in the check box to the left of the field.


Reorder and Resize Columns

  • To resize a column, hover over the right or left border of the column heading until the resize icon appears. Then, click and drag the border to the desired width.
  • To move a column to a different location in the browse screen, click on the column heading and drag it to the left or right, dropping it in the desired location. When the icon displays, you are successfully moving the column.


User Reports list

Select another user to display a list of their reports. 

The default display is your reports, including those you created and those that have been shared with you by other users.



New Report Types list

Click to create a new basic report using the Report Wizard, an Advanced Report, or an Analytics Report.

If you are not running Analytics, New Report and Advanced Report buttons display instead of the list.

O Edit Report button Click to edit a Standard, Advanced, or Analytics report, after clicking on the report in the browse screen.
P Edit Report Filters button Click to edit the filter for a Standard report.
Q Delete Report button

Click to delete the Standard report.

  Analytics reports are deleted from the report.

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