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Analytics Compared

Analytics Compared

Conga Contracts provides Basic Reporting and the BI Toolbox. The following matrix is a guide to help you understand what is included in each type of report.




Basic Reports

BI Toolbox
Create Reports
Clone Reports
Export Reports
Global Reports
Schedule Reports
Group/Categorize Reports
Searching Reports
Data Sorting
Export as PDF, XLSX, or CSV
Modern UI  
Drag and Drop Interface  
Advanced Styling  
Customized Times for scheduling reports  
Customized Portlets  
Sharing Reports  
Sharing Dashboards  
Adding Text Fields  
Advanced Headers & Footers  
Numbering Pages  
Adding Horizontal Rules  
Pre-Built Sample Reports  
Conditional Formatting  
Formula Fields  
Aggregate Data  
Formatting Fields  
Hide/Show and Resize/Move  
KPI Charts  
Easy Charting  
Export Charts as JPG or PNG  
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