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Conga Support

Deleting a Report

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The reports that you can delete are in your default Report Browse screen, and include the standard reports you created using the Report Wizard, as well as any global reports shared with you. If you have both the Reporting and Advanced Reporting permissions, your Report Browse screen will include the advanced reports you can delete, including those you created and the global advanced reports shared with you.  While you can delete a global report that has been shared with you, you cannot delete the original report, which is accessed by selecting the author's name in the User Reports list in the Report Browse screen.

If your company is running Analytics, you can access a YF Analytics Report from the Report Browse screen and then delete it from its Data screen.  If your company is running BI Toolbox Analytics, you can can delete a BI Analytics Report from the Home screen.

Standard and Advanced Reports

1.  Click Reports in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Reports link in the menu.

2.  In the Report Browse screen, locate the report you want to delete.

3.  Click the report record to select it.

4.  Click Delete Report in the toolbar.

5.  In the Delete Report prompt, click Yes.

BI Analytics Reports

  The following steps apply to BI Analytics reports.  YF Analytics Reports are deleted from the Data screen. 

1.  Click Reports in the Navigation Toolbar, and select the BI Toolbox link in the menu.

2.  In the Home screen, click the My Items link to display the reports you have created and duplicated.

Reports you created include the Icon AnalyticRpt.gif icon and the shared reports you duplicated include the Icon ShareReport.gif icon. 

3.  Locate the Analytics Report you want to delete, and click its Icon Trash.gif icon.

4.  Click OK in the confirmation prompt.