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Adding a Text Field to an Advanced Report

You need the Advanced Reporting permission to add a blank text field to any section in the report layout. Since the text field is automatically inserted into the Detail section of the report, you must move the field to the desired location in your report by changing the field’s section. A common use of the text field is to provide a title to a sub-report added to the advanced report.

1.  Click Reports in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Reports link in the menu.

2.  In the Report Browse screen, locate the Advanced Report that needs the text field, and double-click the report record.

An advanced report is displayed under a Report Group: Advanced Report header. Expand/collapse a report group using the Icon Expand.png  and Icon Collapsed.pngicons.

3.  In the report layout screen, click Add Text Field in the toolbar to display a blank field in the Detail (data) section of the screen.

4.  Click the blank field to display its properties in the Properties section:

  • Scroll down to Field Value in the Name column, click in its Value field, and enter the name for the field.
  • (Optional) Use the other properties to format the display of text for the field

5.  (Optional) Hover over the field until the Icon ArrowPoint.png icon displays.  Click the icon, and then drag-and-drop the field to a different location in the section.

6.  (Optional) Hover over the borders of the text field and use the  and  icons to resize the field.

7.  Click Save.

8.  (Optional) Generate the report.

Remove a text field by right-clicking the field to display the Icon Delete button.png button, and then click the button. Remove a Group By section or a sub-group from the report layout by clicking its icon.