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BI Toolbox Overview

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: BI Toolbox Module

The Business Intelligence (BI) Toolbox uses five components that work together to analyze and visually display the data stored in Conga Contracts to identify current trends and communicate patterns over time: Analysis, Visual Analysis, Analytics Report, BI Dashboard, and BI Toolbox Portlet.  Two of the components, Analysis and Visual Analysis, both analyze the data captured at the field level in Conga Contracts program screens.  They can both be used to create a chart or table that visually displays the relationship between two or more key fields.  Although both components analyze captured data and visually display the relationship, the Analysis component should be used to create spreadsheet-based data that will be used in an Analytics Report, while the Visual Analysis should be used in a BI Dashboard when a chart or table is the primary method of communicating trends or the relationship between data fields.

Both an analysis and a visual analysis serve as the building blocks in creating Analytics Reports and BI Dashboards. These components are stored in the Visual Gallery, which is a repository that can be accessed when authoring reports and setting up dashboards.  In creating an Analytics Report, an analysis is dragged from the Gallery and dropped into the report screen, populating the report with data.  An Analytics Report can then be shared with other users and/or scheduled for distribution. 

In creating a BI Dashboard, one or more visual analyses can be dragged from the Gallery and dropped into the Dashboard, which uses the chart or table portion of the analysis to quickly communicate trends and monitor changes in real time.  Dashboards can be created for individual use or shared with other users through the BI Toolbox Portlet, which is added to the Conga Contracts dashboard. 

The following BI Toolbox screens should be reviewed prior to creating an Analysis, Visual Analysis, Analytics Report, or Dashboard: