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BI Toolbox Analysis Screen

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: BI Toolbox Module

The Analysis screen in the BI Toolbox is used to create and manage an analysis, which is the building block primarily used to create an Analytics Report that is shared with other users and scheduled for distribution.  An analysis can also be used to create a BI Dashboard.  An analysis consists of two components: (1) user-selected hierarchy of data sets, including key fields in Conga Contracts program screens to be analyzed, and (2) table that displays the data stored in the selected fields.  A chart can also be added to the analysis to emphasize a trend in a data set over time or with respect to a monetary value, or the relationship between two or more elements of a data set. 

The Analysis screen contains two primary components: Data lists where Conga Contracts data sets and fields are selected for analysis and the Table display where data for the selected fields can be filtered, sorted, grouped, aggregated, and formatted.

To access the Analysis screen, click Reports in the Navigation Toolbar and select the BI Toolbox link in the menu.

The analysis in the screen shot below is seeking to identify all contract events.  Event is the first data set selected since this is the primary information being sought and the fields in the first data set are displayed first in the Analysis Table.  Most of the fields in the Event screen are selected to ensure all relevant event information is available.  Event - Contract is the second data set selected since it is contract events that are being identified.  Specific contract fields are selected to ensure an analysis can be run on the relationship between an event and the contract's expiration date, effective date, term type, and other key fields.  Contract - Company is the third data set selected since the company associated with the contract event must be identified.  A few key fields, such as company name, number, status, and type are selected to establish the connection.



Analysis icon Click Icon BI Analysis.gif to display the Untitled Analysis screen.


Select Data lists

Use the lists to identify the data sets you want to include in your analysis, taking into account it can be used as a building block for creating a BI Analytics Report or Dashboard.

C Field check boxes
  • Clear the All check box for a data set to clear all the selected check boxes, unless you want to make all the fields available for analysis.
  • Select only the check boxes for the fields that should be included in the analysis.

You will be able to apply filters to any of the selected fields.


OK button

Click Icon BIOK.png to run the data analysis and display the selected fields in the Table section of the screen.

E Properties icon

Click Icon BIDashProp.gif and select Rename in the menu to assign a name to the analysis.

  • In the prompt, type over the existing text in the Name field, and click Save.

You do not have to rename an analysis for it to be saved in your Home screen.  It will retain the name Untitled Analysis and you can continue making edits before deciding on a name. However, it is recommended that you rename it before saving it to the Visual Gallery.

F Table fields

Review the data displayed for the selected fields in the Table section of the screen.

Each field in a data set has the same color displayed along the top border of its header.  For example, the first data set has a blue border and the second data set has a red border.

G Properties icon Click Icon BIDashProp.gif in the Table section to display the properties for the columns in the table.
H Column Hide/Show check boxes Clear a check box to remove the field from the Table section, or select a check box to add it.
I Column function links
  • Click the Sort, Group, or Aggregate link to display fields to perform these functions for a column of data. 
  • Click the Paging link to change the default display of multi-page data.
J Column functions menu
  • Click on a column heading to display a menu with the same functions that display when the Icon BIDashProp.gif icon is clicked in the Table section. 
    • In addition to these functions, data in a column can be formatted to change its display, a chart can be added, or a cross-tab table can be added to the analysis.
K Move Column option Hover over the column name until the Icon BI Move.gif icon displays, and then hover over this icon until the Icon Horizontal Sized.gif icon displays.  Click the Icon Horizontal Sized.gif icon and drag-and-drop the column to the desired location in the table.
L Resize Column option Hover over the column name until the Icon BI Resize.gif icon displays, and then hover over this icon until the Icon Resize window4.gif icon displays. Click the Icon Resize window4.gif icon and drag the border of the column to resize it. 
M Add to Visual Gallery icon Click Icon BIAddToVG.gif to add the table to the Visual Gallery.
N Export Table icon Click Icon BIExport.gif to display a menu with options to export the data in the table to an Excel spreadsheet, PDF file, or a CSV file.
O Data toggle link

Click to hide/show the Select Data lists, but retain the Table section of the screen in both views.

P Formula link Click to display fields used to add a new column to the Table section of the screen, and then build a formula in the column to perform a calculation using any of the fields in the table.
Q Filter link Click to display fields used to create a filter for any field in the Table section of the screen.
R Add Chart link Click to display fields used to create a chart to highlight the relationship between two fields in the Table section of the screen, or display the change in one or more fields over time or in relation to a monetary value.
S Add Crosstab link

Click to display fields used to create a cross-tabulation table using two or three fields in the Table section of the screen. 

The cross-tab table can be added to the Visual Gallery and/or exported as a PDF, CSV, or Excel file.

T Expand icon If present, click Icon BIExpand.gif to view any charts or crosstab tables added to the analysis.
U Undo/Redo icons Click Icon BIRedo.gif to undo or redo an action.