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BI Toolbox Dashboard Screen

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: BI Toolbox Module

The Dashboard screen in the BI Toolbox is used to create the dashboards that are shared with other users through the BI Toolbox portlet in their Conga Contracts Dashboard.  A BI Dashboard can contain one or more analyses or visual analyses, displayed as data tables and charts, which are designed to communicate the changing relationship between components of contract and/or company data.  

To access the Dashboard screen, click Reports in the Navigation Toolbar and select the BI Toolbox link in the menu.

BI Dashboard2.png


Author Dashboard icon

Click Icon AuthorDash.gif to display the Visual Gallery in the Untitled Dashboard screen.

B Visual Gallery

Review the analyses and visual analyses that are available for the Dashboard.

An analysis is typically displayed as a table and used for Analytics Reports, while a visual analysis is typically displayed as a chart and used for Dashboards.

C Visual Gallery filters
  • Enter a keyword or phrase in the Find field to filter the analyses.
  • In the Sort By list, select a different option to sort alphabetically or by the oldest analyses.


Analyses and Visual Analyses

Locate the analysis or visual analysis you want to add to the Dashboard, and click its Icon BIVGAdd.png button.

Both an analysis and a visual analysis can consist of a table or a chart.


Done button

Click Icon BI Done.png after adding all analyses and/or visual analyses to the Dashboard.

F Delete From List button Click Icon BIDeleteList.png to remove an analysis or visual analysis from the Gallery.
G Close icon Click Icon BICloseGallery.png to close the Visual Gallery.

Once the analysis or visual analysis is added to the first tab in the Dashboard, a named can be assigned to the Dashboard and the default tab, and customizations can be made.

BI Dashboard.png


Dashboard Name

Click Icon BIDashProp.gif and select Rename in the menu to provide/edit the Dashboard name.

  • In the prompt, type over the existing text, and click Save.

Select Duplicate in the menu to make a copy of the Dashboard.

B Tables and Charts Review the charts and/or tables added to the first tab in the Dashboard.
C Table and Chart options

Click Icon BIDashProp.gif for a table or a chart to display a menu, and select:

  • Edit - edits the properties for the analysis table.
  • Filter - adds a filter to the analysis or visual analysis.
  • Rename - displays the chart or table name in edit mode.
  • Remove - removes the chart or table after clicking OK in a confirmation prompt.


EXPLORER options

Hover over the area under the Icon BIDashProp.gif for a visual analysis chart to display the Icon Zoom.gif icon, and then click on it to display the EXPLORER.

  • Click Icon Drill.gif to enable drill mode.
  • Click Icon Image.gif to export the current display of the chart as an image.

The only option for an analysis chart is the Get Image prompt that displays when you hover over the area under the chart's Icon BIDashProp.gif icon.  Click the prompt to export the chart as an image.


Tab options

Click Icon BIDashProp.gif for a tab to display a menu, and select:

  • Add from Visual Gallery - redisplays the Gallery so an additional analysis or visual analysis can be added to the Dashboard.
  • Add Global Filters - displays a Global Filter prompt to apply a filter to all the analyses and visual analyses in the Dashboard.
  • Change Layout - displays a Tab Layout prompt to change the default layout of the number of analyses or visual analyses that display in a single row in the Dashboard.
  • Rename Tab - displays the name of the tab in edit mode.
F Add Tab icon Click Icon BI NewTab.gif to add a new tab to provide additional views when the Dashboard is displayed in the BI Toolbox portlet or as a standalone dashboard.
G Undo/Redo icons Use the Icon BIRedo.gif icons to undo a previous action or redo the canceled action.
H Resize option Hover over the right border of a chart or table until the Icon Horizontal Sized.gif icon displays, click on it, and then drag the border of the chart/table to the left or right to resize it.
I Reposition option Hover over the area to the right of the title for a chart or table until the Icon BIMoveSm2.gif icon displays, click on it, and then drag-and-drop the chart/table to a new location in the Dashboard.