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BI Toolbox Best Practices and Tips

The BI Toolbox is used to create robust Reports and Dashboards that detail information pulled from the CompanyContracts, and Requests objects. 

Materialized View

When referencing data from these three objects, the data is typically materialized and is automatically refreshed on a daily basis. It is recommended to use Company, Contract, or Request as the primary data source when creating an Analysis or Visual Analysis.

Visual Analysis vs. Analysis

A Visual Analysis is recommended for generating rich graphical representations such as charts and graphs. An Analysis is useful for providing core information and better suited for creating spreadsheets or tables. 

After creating a Visual Analysis or Analysis, the component needs to be added to the Visual Gallery. An Analysis is added to a Visual Gallery by using the Add to Visual Gallery button, while a Visual Analysis is added the Visual Gallery with the Add to Gallery button

Adding a Visual Analysis to the Visual Gallery is a different process than adding an Analysis to the Visual Gallery. Please see the hyperlinked articles above for more detail. 

At this point, the Visual Analysis or Analysis is ready to correspond to a Report or DashboardYou can run reports or schedule them to run at a specific time, whereas Dashboards are living representations of the data. Dashboards live on the homepage through a Portlet


The BI Toolbox also provides Formulas functions to assist with calculating data. The resulting calculation of formulas is then accessible in Reports and Dashboard. Included below are a few examples of working formulas in the BI Toolbox.

Days apart formula - useful for calculating the total number of days between two dates

Formula template: date_part('day', date - date)

Working example: date_part('day',now() - [mv_contract.Current Exp Date]) 


Replace string formula - useful for replacing existing data values with new values in Reports and Dashboards

Formula template: replace(string1,string_to_replace,[replacement_string])

Working example: replace([mv_contract.Contract Created By],'SYSTEM, ACCOUNT','-')


Case Statement - useful for presenting values based on IF/THEN logic. For example, while using the Analysis grid, you can use statements to find null values. The below working example is used to find any contract profiles that do not have any documents on them. 

Formula template: Case When Expression Then True else False End

Working example: CASE WHEN [document.Document UUID] IS null THEN True ELSE False END