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Deleting a Visual Analysis

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: BI Toolbox Module

You need the BI Tool permission to delete a visual analysis. However, you can only delete the visual analyses that you create, and not those that have been shared with you, unless you made a copy of the shared analysis, which places a copy in your My Items folder.

  When you delete a visual analysis that has been stored in the Visual Gallery, it is not automatically deleted from the Gallery.  You must manually remove it from the Visual Gallery.

1.  Click Reports in the Navigation Toolbar, and select the BI Toolbox link in the menu.

2.  In the Home screen, click the My Items link to display the visual analyses you have created and copied.

Visual analyses you created include the Icon VisualAnalysis.gif icon and the shared analyses you copied include the  Icon ShareVA.gif icon. 

3.  Locate the visual analysis you want to delete, and click its Icon Trash.gif icon.

4.  Click OK in the confirmation prompt.

BI Delete.png