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Sharing a BI Analysis

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: BI Toolbox Module

When you share an analysis you create with other users, they can access it from their BI Home screen.  A shared analysis can be copied, edited, and added to the user's Visual Gallery where it can be used to create a BI Dashboard and/or an Analytics Report

An analysis is typically used to create an Analytics Report, while a visual analysis is normally used to create a BI Dashboard.

1.  Click Reports in the Navigation Toolbar, and select the BI Toolbox link in the menu.

2.  In the Home screen, click the My Items link to display a list of your analyses, visual analyses, reports, and dashboards.

If the My Items folder contains subfolders, click on a subfolder to display its contents.

3.  Locate the analysis you want to share, and click its Icon Share1.png icon.

4.  In the Share [Analysis Name] window, select the people who can share the analysis:

  • Enter the first few letters of a person's first or last name in the Find field.
  • In the filtered list, locate the person and click their  Icon BI Share.png icon to add them to the Shared With section of the window.
  • Click Close.

5.  (Optional) Verify the analysis has been shared, indicated by the Icon Share2.png icon.

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