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BI Analysis Customization Overview

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: BI Toolbox Module

An analysis of the data stored in Conga Contracts can be customized so that the table and any accompanying chart used in the analysis effectively communicates the desired information. Customizations include filtering data in a field so that only the desired information is represented, formatting data so that date and value fields are displayed at the desired level of specificity, sorting data in ascending or descending order, and grouping similar data items. Data can also be aggregated to show a sum or average value, a minimum or maximum value, or a count/discount count of data items.  A formula can be added to perform a calculation using one or more fields and/or a constant to provide additional information. The information in a calculated field can be displayed as a value, date, or percent. Color-coding and in-cell bar graphs can also be used to highlight information in a calculated field.

The following customizations can be made to an analysis: