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Grouping Data in an Analysis

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: BI Toolbox Module

The Group option is used to combine the same data in any field used in an analysis, including a text, date, or value field, as well as any field that uses a check box to enable/disable an option.

When you group the data in a field, a separate group is created for each distinct, or unique data item in the field and that item is displayed as a heading in the Table section of the Analysis screen.  More than one field may be grouped to efficiently display data with repeating entries, such as company name and contract number.

1.  Click Reports in the Navigation Toolbar, and select the BI Toolbox link in the menu.

2.  In the Home screen, locate the analysis that contains the field you want to group, and click its link.

3.  In the Analysis screen, click Icon BI TableProp.png, located to the right of the Table header.

4.  When the screen refreshes, click the Group tab.

You can also group the data in a column by clicking on its column header and selecting Group in the drop-down menu.

5.  When the Organize rows with grouping and sub-grouping section displays:

  • Select a field in the Grouping Column list to identify the primary level of grouping.
  • (Optional) Select the Exclude Detail Rows checkbox to hide rows that have been grouped, which will collapse each group into a single row in the table.
  • Click Icon BI Add.png.
    • Remove a grouping by clicking its Icon BI Remove.png button.
    • Replace a grouping by making a different selection in the Grouping Column list and clicking the group's Icon BI Replace.png button.
  • (Optional) Add a sub-grouping by replacing the selection in the Grouping Column list and clicking Icon BI Add.png.

6.  (Optional) Use the Table header's Icon BI TableProp.png toggle icon to hide/display the grouping section.

  You do not need to save the file to retain the changes you make by grouping data.

BI An Group1.png