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Creating a BI Analytics Report

This page applies to: Conga Contracts
This page applies to: BI Toolbox Module

A BI Analytics Report is created using one or more analyses or visual analyses stored in your Visual Gallery.  An analysis or visual analysis added to the report typically includes both program fields populated with data and a chart that represents the relationship between two or more key fields, or a trend in one or more fields over time.  Once you import an analysis/visual analysis into the report, you can apply formatting to add an image, text, and/or spacing to produce a professional report.

Users with the BI Tool permission can create a BI Analytics Report using three different methods:

The report created below includes two visual analyses: Contract Value by Expiration Date and Contract Value by Agreement Type.  A logo has been added to the report, a link at the bottom of the report, and spacing has been inserted between the analyses.

1.  Click Reports in the Navigation Toolbar, and select the BI Toolbox link in the menu.

2.  Ensure each analysis or visual analysis to be used in the report has been added to the Visual Gallery

An Analysis or Visual Analysis is added to Gallery after you create it, or after you make a copy of a canned/shared analysis/visual analysis.

3.  Click Icon AuthorReport.gif, located in the upper left of any BI Toolbox screen.

4.  In the (Untitled) Report screen, ensure the Design tab is selected.

5.  Hover over the field in the New Visual field until the Icon BIMoveSm2.gif icon displays, click on it, and then drag-and-drop the Icon BI ReportInsert.gificon into the blank canvas.


6.  When the Visual Gallery displays, locate the analysis or visual analysis you want to add to the report, and click its Add button.

  • Locate an analysis by entering its name in the Find field, by selecting an option in the Sort list, or scrolling through the list.

An analysis is typically a table that is used in an Analytics Report while a visual analysis is typically a chart used in a Dashboard.

7.  (Optional) Add another chart or table to the canvas to create a report with multiple analyses.

8.  Click Icon BICloseGallery.png to close the Visual Gallery.


9.  When the screen refreshes, provide a name for the report:

  • Click Icon Duplicate2.gif, located to the right of Untitled Report, and select Rename in the menu.
  • In the prompt, provide a name for the report, and click Save.

10.  (Optional) Click Icon BIEdit2.gif for an analysis to display it in edit mode, and make updates to the analysis or visual analysis.

  • Click Icon VA3.gif to display the data fields.

   If you edit the data fields by adding/removing any of the original fields, the chart or table will automatically be removed.

  • Click Icon VA1.png to display the chart/table.

11.  (Optional) Click Icon Duplicate2.gif for an analysis to display a Settings window and format its title:

  • Edit the default text size, color, and alignment of the title.
  • Update the selection in the Insert a Formula field to select the time/date stamp to be appended to the  title whenever the report is generated, and click Insert.
  • Use the selections in the Border Settings section to add a border to the title.
  • Click Set.

12.  Use the remaining design options to format the report by clicking an option, and then dragging and dropping it to the desired location in the canvas:

  • New Split Row - adds a two-column row to the report, allowing you to drag-and-drop another design option (text, link, or image) into each column in the row. 
    • Click Icon BISplit.gif to split a column into two additional columns, or click Icon BICloseVisual.gif to remove a column/split row.
  •  Add Space - displays an Add Space prompt where you can add 1-30 lines to the report, as well as create a border around the added line(s).
    • Click Icon Duplicate2.gif to update the spacing/border options, or click Icon BICloseVisual.gif to remove them.  Use the same icons for the text, image, and link design options below.
  • New Text - displays a Settings window where you can add text, format it, insert a time/date stamp, and/or add a border around the text.
  • New Image - displays a Settings window where you can import an image, position it, size it, and/or add a border around the image.
  • New Link - displays a Settings window where you can enter a URL and select whether the web page displays in a new browser tab or the same tab.  You can add text so that the text is the clickable link, and also format the display of the linked text. 
  • New PDF Link - displays a Settings window where you can provide users with the option to download the report as a PDF file.  You can select the page size and orientation of the PDF report, as well as the font size and color of the text in the report.

      The New PDF Link must be added to the report, or users will not be able to print the report. 

13.  Click the View tab to display the formatted analysis in the report.

14.  (Optional) ClickIcon Home.gif to return to the Home screen, click the My Items link, and verify the Analytics Report has been added.  From the Home page, you can share the report, or schedule it for distribution.