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Marking a Company as a Legal Entity

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

In Conga Contracts, companies are divided into two categories: internal and external. Internal companies are all of your legal entities, which include your primary company and any subsidiaries or other entities that have the legal capacity to enter into a contract. An external company refers to the other party that has entered into a contract with your company. The other parties to your contracts can be customers, suppliers, distributors, or vendors. A Company Profile should be created for all internal and external companies, and the Mark as Entity option should be applied to the companies that can legally be named as a party to a contract.

  If you erroneously mark as company as a legal entity, you can easily unmark it as a legal entity.

1.  Open the Company Profile for the company you want to mark as a legal entity.

2.   In the Company Profile, click Admin Tools in the toolbar, and click the Mark as Entity link in the menu.

3.  In the Request Complete prompt, click OK.