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Locations Browse Screen

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The locations associated with a company, such as its billing office and shipping center, are are stored in the Locations browse screen in a Company Profile.

To access the browse screen, open a Company Profile.

Locations link

Click to display the Locations browse screen.

Location record

Click on a location record to display its Location Profile.

  • From the Profile, you edit location information and delete a location.
Copy icon Click to copy and paste the address block from Conga Contracts to another application, window, or screen.

History icon

Click to review a history of the changes made to the location.

Sort option

To sort the information in a column in ascending or descending order, click (toggle) on the column heading.

Column Display option

To customize the information in a browse screen, hover over a column heading until the Icon Column.png icon displays, and click on it to open the Sort/Column menu.  Click Columns to display a list of available fields, and select the fields you want displayed by clicking in the check box to the left of the field.

The Actions field must be selected or the History and the Copy icons will not display.

Reorder and Resize Columns
  • To resize a column, hover over the right or left border of the column heading until the resize icon appears. Then, click and drag the border to the desired width.
  • To move a column to a different location in the browse screen, click on the column heading and drag it to the left or right, dropping it in the desired location. When the icon displays, you are successfully moving the column.
Add Location button

Click to add a company location.

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