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Location Profile

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

A Location Profile contains information for an additional company location, including the location name and type, contact numbers, and the physical (or mailing) address of the location. The Profile toolbar contains buttons that allow you to edit location information or delete the location.  The primary location for a company is stored in the Address Information section of the Company Profile screen.

Open a Location Profile by clicking on an address record in the Locations browse screen in a Company Profile.

Location Name field Identify the name assigned to the location.
Location Type field Identify the classification assigned to the location.

Address fields

Review the address information for the location.

Contact number fields Review the phone and fax numbers provided for the location.

Edit Location button

Click to edit the location information.

Delete Location button

Click to delete the location.

Browse Locations button

Click to return to the Locations browse screen.