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Conga Support

Adding a Company Location

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

A user with the appropriate permissions can add an additional location for a company.  A company may have one or more Sales or Regional offices, or the company may have acquired another company that can legally enter into a contract, which would require recording the mailing or physical address of the acquired company.

1.  Open the Company Profile that needs the additional location.

2.  In the Links section of the Company Profile, click the Locations link.

3.  In the Locations browse screen, click Add Location in the toolbar.

4.  When the screen refreshes, create a Location Profile:

  • Enter a descriptive name for the location in the Location Name field.

If you need help populating a field, mouse-over its icon to display a quick tip with helpful information or instructions.

  • (Recommended) Make a selection in the Location Type list.
  • (Optional) Populate the physical address fields and make a selection in the Country list.
  • (Optional) Populate the Phone Number and Fax Number fields.

In entering a phone number, enter the area code, followed by the phone number, such as 407-555-3770 or (407) 555-3770. To enter an extension, enter an "x" followed by the extension number, such as 407-555-3770 x47. If you incorrectly enter a phone number, the Phone Number Entry window displays to assist you.

  • Click Save.