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Company Relationships Browse Screen

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

When two companies share a relationship, information on their connection can be viewed from the Relationships browse screen in the Company Profile for both companies.

To access the Relationships browse screen, open a Company Profile.



Relationships link

Click to display the Relationships screen.


Relationship records

View the types of relationships that this company shares with other companies.



Relationship Notes Click  for a relationship type to view notes on the relationship.


Company link

Click the link to display the Company Profile for the related company.

  • Click the Relationships link in the Links section of the screen to display the reciprocal company relationship.


Delete icon

Click Icon Delete to delete the relationship.

The screen shot below shows the Alcontrone Relationships screen, which is the counterpart of the CMSI screen shot shown above.  When the relationship was established from the CMSI Company Profile, naming CMSI as the parent company, the Alcontrone Company Profile automatically displayed Child Of as the relationship type and Contract Management Solutions Inc. as the related company.


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