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Adding a Company Relationship

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

A user with the appropriate permissions can record the connection between two companies using the Relationships feature.  Adding a company relationship not only creates a Relationship Profile in the active Company Profile, but also creates a reciprocal Relationship Profile in the related Company Profile.

1.  Open the Company Profile for one of the companies in the relationship.

2.  In the Links section of the Company Profile, click the Relationships link.

3.  In the Relationships browse screen, click New Relationship in the toolbar.

4.  When the screen refreshes, create a Relationship Profile:

  • Select Parent of, Child of, or Relates to in the is list.

If your Administrators have added other types of relationships, other options will be available.

  • Click in the To Company field to display a window with an alphabetical listing of companies:
    • Enter the first few letters of the company name in the Search field and click .
    • Click on the company name to select it.
  • (Optional) Provide information to explain the relationship between the companies in the Notes field.
  • Click Save.

5.  (Optional) When the screen refreshes, click the Company Name link in the Relationship Profile to display its Company Profile.

  • In the Links section of the Company Profile, click the Relationships link.
  • In the Relationships screen, verify the relationship has been created for the related company.


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