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Company Wizards Overview

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Company Profile contains an Admin Tools button that displays a menu, which provides access to two company wizards, an archiving feature, and a feature that allows you to "mark" a company as a legal entity.

The wizards and features accessed from the Admin Tools menu are:

  • Acquisition wizard, which allows you to transfer selected data from the acquired company to the acquiring company.
  • Change Name wizard, which automatically updates the company name throughout the Conga Contracts system.
  • Archive feature, which removes the Company Profile so that it no longer displays in browse screens, or is returned as a search result.


The Profile also contains a Workflows button that launches the Workflow Wizard, which allows you to create and edit company workflows.

In addition, the Documents screen in a Company Profile contains a links to a Move Document Wizard, which allows you to move documents between Company and Contract Profiles.