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Running the Move Company Document Wizard

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Move Document Wizard allows you to move documents from one Company Profile to another, or from a Company Profile to a Contract Profile. This tool is helpful in the event you make an error and upload a document to the wrong profile, or if you upload a document as a new document, rather than a revision to an existing document.

1.  Locate the Company Profile containing the document that needs to be moved, and open the Profile.

2.  In the Links section, click the Documents link.

3.  In the Documents screen, locate the document you want to move, and click on the document record.

4.  In the Document Profile screen, click Icon Expand Toolbar.png in the toolbar, select Advanced in the menu, and then click Move Document.

5.  In the Move Document Wizard, click Next in the Welcome step.

6.  In the Document Selection step, click inside one radio button:

  • Please click here to move only the current document. This option moves only the document whose profile you opened.
  • Please click here to move this document's entire document family. This option moves the document whose profile you opened and all of its revisions.
  • Click Next.

7.  In the Document Location step, click inside one radio button:

  • Company - moves the document to a Company Profile.
  • Contract - moves the document to a Contract Profile.
  • Document Family - moves the document so that it is now grouped with another document. For example, if you erroneously uploaded a document revision as a new document, selecting this option allows you to move the document so that it now appears in the hierarchy of the original document in the Documents browse screen.
  • Click Next.

The Document Family option displays only if you did not select the document's entire document family option in Step 6.

8.  In the Document Target step:

  • Click in the Company Name list, locate the company that should house the document, and click on it to select it.
  • Click Next.

9.  In the Document Move Summary step, review the information for accuracy, and click Finish.