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Running the Company Name Change Wizard

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Company Name Change Wizard is used when a company has legally changed its name, and all the information linked to the previous company name must be transferred to the new name. The wizard walks you through the process of recording the name change so that it is reflected in all the appropriate locations in Conga Contracts.

When the wizard completes the name change process, the old company name will be listed in the Additional Names screen of the Company Profile as a FKA (formerly known as).

1.  Open the Company Profile for the company whose name needs to be changed.

2.  In the Company Profile screen, click Admin Tools in the toolbar, and select Change Name.

3.  In the Company Name Change Wizard, click Next in the Welcome step.

4.  In the New Company Name step:

  • Enter the name of the new company.
  • Provide the reason for the company name change.
  • Enter the date on which the company name change became effective.
  • Click Next.

5.  In the Company Name Change Summary step, verify the information, and click Finish.