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Company Additional Forms

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

An additional form is used to capture supplemental information for a Company Profile that is not captured by the default fields in the profile. An additional form typically contains more than two fields, and the form is automatically available from a new profile if an Administrator has linked the form to the profile. If the Administrator designated the additional form as required, you will receive constant reminders from Conga Contracts that the required form is "missing" until you complete the form by providing the required information. If the form is optional, it will be available via the Additional Forms link in the Company Profile, and you can complete the form, if appropriate.

An example of a company additional form would be a Certification form that captures certification types and expiration dates for each type of certification.

If additional forms exist for a Company Profile, you can perform the following tasks:

  Although the linked tasks below were written for a contract additional form for a contract, the steps in each task also apply to a company additional form.

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