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Locating and Adding Additional Parties to a Contract

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The contracts stored in your Conga Contracts database are typically contracts between your company and another company, organization, partnership, or institution. The Additional Parties option allows you to identify all the parties in a multi-party agreement, as well as search for contracts that have more than two parties. 

Prior to adding an additional party to a Contract Profile, ensure a Company Profile has been created for the additional party.

Locating Contracts with Additional Parties

1.  Click Search in the Navigation Toolbar, and select the Search Query link in the menu.

2.  In the Query Info view of  the screen, click  in Result Type list and click the  icon to the left of the Company folder.  Scroll down to the Contract folder and click its  icon.

3.  In the Criteria section of the screen:

  • Click in the field list, and click the  icon to the left of the Company folder.  Scroll down to the Contract folder and click its  icon, and then scroll down to the Contract Additional Party folder and click its  icon.  Click Additional Party Type so that the display in the field is Company→Contract→Contract Additional Party→Additional Party Type.
  • Click in the inclusion list, and select In.
  • Click in the value list, and select Additional Signing Party.

4.  Click Execute in the toolbar to display the Results view of the screen, listing contracts with more than two parties.

5.  (Optional) Click Save Query in the toolbar to save the search query for future use.

Adding an Additional Party to a Contract

1.  Open the Contract Profile that needs the additional party. 

2.  In the Contract Profile screen, click image732.png in the Additional Parties header to display the section (if it is not already displayed).

3.  When the section refreshes, click Add Additional Party in the toolbar.

4.  When the section refreshes with fields to capture the information:

  • Click in the Additional Party field to display a pop-up window of alphabetized company names in a scrollable list.
    • In the window, enter the first few letters of the additional party name in the Search field, and click .
    • Click on the company record to select the additional party to the contract.
  • (Optional) Enter any notes or information relevant to the company becoming an additional party to the contract in the Notes field.
  • (Optional) Update the selection in the Party Type list to edit the role of the additional party.
  • (Optional) Enter the date on which the additional party became a party to the contract in the Party Effective Date field.
    • Click  image717.png  for a date field to display a calendar to help you select the correct date.
  • (Optional) Enter the date on which the additional party will cease to be a party to the contract in the Party Expiration Date field.
  • Click Save in the toolbar.

5.  (Optional) Customize the columns of information that display for the additional party.

  • Sort the data in a column by clicking (toggling) on a column heading.
  • Update the columns that display using the Sort/Column menu.
  • Reorder and resize the columns to manage the display of information in the browse screen.

6.  (Optional) When the section refreshes, click image734.png to display the Company Profile for the additional party.