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Copying a Contract

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

If you need to create a contract that is very similar to one that already exists, you can make a copy of the contract using the Copy Contract Wizard. The wizard populates the fields in the new Contract Profile screen with information found in the duplicated Profile, while allowing you to select any captured additional forms that you want to include in the new Profile. Once the new Contract Profile is created, you can add new information to the Profile, as well as edit the copied information.

1.  Open the Contract Profile you want to copy.

2.  In the Contract Profile screen, click Copy Contract in the toolbar.

3.  In the Copy Contract Wizard:

  • Click Next in the Welcome step.
  • In the Additional Form Selection step, select the check boxes for all the additional forms you want added to the new Contract Profile, and click Next.

The list that displays is a comprehensive listing of all the additional contract forms that have been added to Conga Contracts. Click on the Form Captured column heading to sort the forms in descending order to quickly identify the forms that were captured and saved in the Contract Profile you are copying.  Captured forms have a number other than "0" in the Form Captured column.

  • In the Completion step, verify the additional forms selected, and click Finish.  

4.  When the screen refreshes, the new Contract Profile displays in edit mode.

  • Populate the Original Exp Date field, and any other required fields.
  • Make a selection in the Agreement Type field to indicate whether the new Profile is for a root or an incorporated contract.
  • (Optional) Populate (or update) the remaining optional fields, including the fields in the Term and Renewal and Responsibilities sections.
  • (Optional) Set an event alert for the contract's original expiration date using the Icon OrigExpDate.png icon.

5.  Click Save.