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Adding a Responsible Person to a Contract

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

A contract usually requires people to negotiate its terms prior to signing, as well as those who decide whether or not to renew the contract prior to its expiration date. The responsibilities associated with a contract can be recorded in its  Contract Profile and assigned to any of the people who have been added to the Address Book.

1.  Open the Contract Profile for the contract that needs a responsibility to be defined.

2.  In the Contract Profile screen, click Edit Contract in the toolbar.

3.  In the Responsibilities section of the screen, click Add Responsibility in the toolbar.

4.  In the menu, click on a responsibility.

5.  When a blank responsibility record displays:

  • Click in the Name field and begin typing the first or last name of the person you want to assign to the responsibility to display a list of possible matches. 
  • Click on the correct person to select them and populate the field, as well as the Email Address field and other fields in the responsibility record.

If the person's name does not display in the possible match list, click in the Name field and then click Icon Arrow Down.png to display a list of  those who are qualified to perform the contract responsibility.

6.  Click Save in the toolbar of the Contract Profile screen.