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Conga Support

Running the Creation Wizard

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Creation Wizard allows you to create a contract using a template created by one of your program Administrators.

1.  From the Contract Profile screen for a root contract or incorporated contract, click Creation Wizard in the toolbar.

2. In the Creation Wizard Selection prompt, select a template in the Template Name list, and click Submit.

If you receive a message stating there was an error creating the contract, it is because the template you selected will create a type of contract document for which you do not have permission.

3.  In the Contract Creation Wizard, click Next in the Welcome step.

  If the template you selected does not require you to answer any questions before creating the contract, the Contract Creation Wizard will not display, and the Creation Wizard Finished prompt displays (Step 5).

4.  In the Question screen(s), answer the questions to create a customized contract.  Click Next or Finish.

5.  In the Creation Wizard Finished prompt:

  • (Optional) Click the click here link to to download a copy of the contract.
  • Click Close.

6.  (Optional) Click the Documents link in the Links section of the Contract Profile to displays the Documents screen, and verify the contract has been created. 

The Document Type for the new contract is Contract Template.