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Running the Renewal Wizard

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Renewal Wizard steps you through the process of renewing a contract in Conga Contracts.The wizard requires you to enter a new expiration date for the contract, and update the event alert for the new expiration date. The Renewal Wizard can be used to renew both fixed and auto-renewal contracts. 

  The status of the Contract Profile must be Active to run the Contract Renewal Wizard.

1.  Locate the Contract Profile for the contract that needs to be renewed, and open the Profile.

2.  In the Contract Profile screen, click Wizard Tools in the toolbar, and select Renew Contract.

3.  In the Contract Renewal Wizard, click Next in the Welcome step.

4.  In the Updated Current Expiration Date step:

  • Enter the number of months until the next renewal date in the Renewal Interval field.
    • The New Current Exp Date field is automatically populated based on the value you enter in the Renewal Interval field.  Edit the expiration date, if needed.
  • (Optional) Enter the number of days prior to the end of a contract's current term that your company is required to provide notice of intent to renew or terminate the contract in the Notice Date field.
    • The Notice Period field is automatically populated when a value is entered in the Notice Date field.
  • Click Next.

5.  In the Updated Event Information step:

If there were no event alerts set for the contract's original expiration date, this step will not display.

  • (Optional) Change the number of days prior to the new expiration date that an email notification is sent out in the Warn Days field.
  • Enter the text that you want to appear in the email message of the event alert that is sent out the next time the contract is up for renewal in the Event Closure Notes field.
  • Click Next.

6.  In the Contract Renewal Notes step:

  • Enter a description of the renewal process for this contract in the Renewal Wizard Notes field.
  • Click Next.

7.  In the Contract Renewal Summary step:

  • Verify the information for the renewal.
  • Click Finish.