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Running the Contract Reassign Wizard

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Contract Reassign Wizard provides an efficient way to transfer a contract from one company to another. When a contract is reassigned, all of its data, including any incorporated contracts, as well as the events, tasks, messages, people, payments, products, and scorecards associated with the contract are also transferred to the new company. Conga Contracts also stores a record of the assignment so that the contract's history can be tracked.

1.  Locate the Contract Profile for the contract that needs to be reassigned, and open the Profile.

2.  In the Contract Profile screen, click Wizard Tools in the toolbar, and select Assign Contract.

3.  In the Contract Reassign Wizard, click Next in the Welcome step.

4.  In the Company Selection step:

  • Click in the Company Selection list, locate the company that should be assigned to the contract, and click on it to select it.
  • (Optional) Select the Suppress Assignment History check box to prevent the assignment of the contract from showing up in the History screen for the contract.
  • Click Next.

5.  (Optional) In the Contract Selection step, which only displays if the contract you are assigning is an incorporated contract:

  • Select the parent contract for the incorporated contract in the Agreement Link list.
  • Click Next.

6.  In the Contract Reassign Summary step, review the information for accuracy, and click Finish.