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eSignature Package Wizard

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The eSignature Package Wizard is run from a Contract Profile after a contract document uploaded to the profile has been finalized, and one or more electronic signatures are needed to produce a legally enforceable document.

You can elect to run the wizard using a Conga Contracts template, or you can run the wizard without a template. Using a template restricts the number of signatories on a contract and also limits the number of individuals who participate in the eSignature process. Running the wizard without a template allows you to have as many signatories as you need, copy as many recipients as you like, and even send acknowledgments to other individuals. In selecting the signatories and recipients of the email message for the electronic signing process, you can use any of the email addresses in your Address Book.

After completing the wizard, you are immediately directed to the Portal where you must "tag" all the locations in the contract where the signatories need to sign or add information to the document. After tagging the contract, you can preview what each signatory will see when they receive the email message before you submit the contract for electronic signature.

  Before running the eSignature Package Wizard, make sure all the documents needed for the eSignature package have been uploaded to the Contract Profile.