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Overview of Document Packages

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Document Packages feature is a powerful and comprehensive tool that assembles a team for the purpose of performing a specific task, such as negotiating the terms of a contract. The team has exclusive access to the document package, which houses one or more contract documents, and can perform activities related to these documents. The members of the team, which includes an Administrator of the package, communicate with one another via email messages sent from Conga Contracts. If a member is not a Conga Contracts user, they can participate in the package via the Conga Contracts Portal.  Once the contract is finalized, the eSignature Package Wizard can be run to submit the final contract for electronic signature.

Document packages are managed from your MyPlace menu, or from the Contract Profile, and involve the following steps.

  • A program user adds a document package to the Contract Profile using a wizard.
  • Document Package Wizard - use if a contract is still being negotiated and documents need to be checked in and out for revisions before arriving at the final document.
  • eSignature Package Wizard - use if the contract has been finalized and you want to submit the document for electronic signature. The wizard locks all the documents in the document package so they cannot be edited.
  • After a user runs one of the wizards and selects the Administrators, program users, and external participants for the document package, each person receives email notification that they have been invited to be a member of the document package.
  • Program users and Administrators perform tasks related to the documents in the package from both the Document Packages browse screen and the Document Package Profile.  Most tasks are available from the Document Packages or the eSignature Packages portlets in the Dashboard.
    • External participants and company contacts perform tasks related to the documents in the package via the Conga Contracts Portal

  The envelope is the email message that contains the document that is to be signed electronically, and is sent to the signatories, as well as the other recipients, who are participating in the electronic signing process.