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Running the Document Package Wizard

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Document Package Wizard creates the document packages that are used in contract negotiations or other document-related tasks. The wizard not only requires you to identify the documents that need to be included in the package, but also allows you to select the individuals who will participate in the tasks associated with the documents.

  Before running the Document Package Wizard, make sure all the documents needed for the document package have been uploaded to the Contract Profile.

1.  Locate the Contract Profile that needs the document package, and open the Profile.

2.  Click on Wizard Tools in the Profile Toolbar, and select Document Package Wizard.

3.  In the Wizard, click Next in the Introduction step.

4.  In the Document Package Description step, enter a name and description for the document package.


5.  In the Documents step, select all the documents that need to be negotiated in the document package by clicking in each document's check box. Click Next.

Control the display of information for documents by selecting the columns that display, sorting information, and resizing/repositioning columns of data.


6.   In the Portal User Selection step:

  • Click  in the All People field to display the Address Book, and select the members of the document package. Document package members can be program users, company contacts, and external participants who will be notified via email that they have been invited to be members of the document package.

  Users participate in the document package in the Conga Contracts program, while company contacts and external participants use the Conga Contracts (Negotiation) Portal.

  • (Optional) Click  in the Administrator field to display the Address Book, and select additional administrators for the document package.  By default, you are the Administrator of the document package.
  • (Optional) Edit or augment the default message in the Personal Message field to provide members and Administrators with additional information on the document package. The message appears in the email sent to members and Administrators of the package.
  • Click Next.

7.  In the Document Package Summary Information step, verify the information, and click Finish.