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Participating in a Document Package in the Portal

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

External participants in a document package are those individuals who do not have a login to Conga Contracts but can participate in the negotiation of a contract document through the Conga Contracts Portal. External participants receive an email message, stating that they have been invited to be a member of the document package. The email contains a link that takes the participant to the Portal where they can login if they already have a user account, or create an account if they are a new user. Once an external participant logs into the Portal, they are immediately directed to a screen where they can view and manage the documents in the document package.

After the document has been successfully negotiated, an external participant whose signature is required on the final document will receive an email notification from Conga Contracts. The email message will contain a link that will return the signatory to the Portal, or to the DocuSign cloud, so that they can complete the negotiation process by signing the document electronically.

Participating in the Negotiation Process

1.  Log in to the Conga Contracts Portal.

2.  In the default Documents view for an Open package, click on a document record to display an Action Window with a description of the tasks that can be performed for a document using the various icons, or hover over an icon to display its description:

  • Icon Check Out.png - checks a document out of the package so that it can be revised.
  • Icon RedoPortal.png- undoes the check out option.
  • Icon Check In.png - checks a revised version of the document back into the package.
  •  Icon Word.png  - launches MS Word, and allows you to directly edit the document in the Portal.  When you save your edits, the revised document is saved as the current version of the document.
  • Icon RevHistoryPortal.png - displays a history of the revisions to the document.
  • Icon DownloadPortal.png- downloads a copy of a document.

3.  Click on an action button to perform other tasks related to the document package:

  • Add Attachment - uploads an additional document to the package.
  • Messaging - sends an email message to members of the package.
  • Document Package Report - generates a report on the current status of the package.

4. (Optional) Compare two versions of a document:

  • Double-click on a document record that has more than one version
  • When the screen refreshes, click Compare Revisions.
  • In the Compare Document Revisions window, select the check boxes for the two versions of the document you want to compare, and click Compare.
  • In the Preview window, locate the changes:
    • An addition to the document is indicated by red underlined text.
    • A document deletion is indicated by red text with the strikethrough effect.
  • To navigate the document, use the scroll bar or click Icon Thumbnail.png to display thumbnails of the document pages, and click on a thumbnail to jump to the page. Use the icons in the toolbar to perform additional tasks, such as printing and downloading the document.  Click Icon Find.png to search the document for text or a value. Select the Highlight all check box to highlight all instances of the text or value in the document.

5.  (Optional) Click the User Settings tab to update any of your Portal user settings, including changing your password.

6.  Click the Logout link to exit the Conga Contracts Portal.

Signing a Document Electronically

When an external participant needs to provide their electronic signature on a document that has been negotiated in a document package, they receive an email message with a link to the DocuSign or Adobe Sign cloud if your company is using the native version of the DocuSign/Adobe Sign eSignature solution. 

However, if your company is running the embedded version of the eSignature solution, the external participant will be directed to the Conga Contracts Portal.

1.  Log in to the Conga Contracts Portal.

2.  Ensure the Completed tab is selected at the top of the screen.

3.  In the Completed view of the screen, click the You have documents awaiting signature link.

4.  When the screen refreshes, ensure the DocuSign Signers tab is selected, and click Sign Now.

5.  In the eSignature Portal, click Start and follow the onscreen prompts to provide your eSignature and other requested information.

6.  Click FINISH to exit the eSignature Portal.

7.  (Optional) Click the User Settings tab to update any of your Portal user settings, including changing your password.

8.  Click the Logout link to exit the Conga Contracts Portal.