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Document Packages Browse Screen

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The document packages associated with a contract are viewed and managed in the Document Packages browse screen. The browse screen contains six tabs:

  • Current - your current/active document packages.
  • Checked Out – documents that you have "checked out" for review or revision.
  • Submitted – documents that you have submitted for electronic signature, along with the status of the signing ceremony for each signatory.
  • Completed – document packages that you have completed.
  • All Packages – document packages created by all users, both active and completed.
  • All Completed –  document packages that have been completed by all users.

The Document Packages screen can be launched from three different locations: Document Packages/eSignature Packages portlets, My Place menu (as shown above), and Contract Profile. 

In the browse screen, you can perform the following tasks by clicking on the appropriate icon or button:

  You can also perform several of the tasks from the Document Package Profile screen.




Check documents in and out


Undo the "check out" of a document

Lock and unlock documents

Download a copy of a document
  Icon Compare.png Compare document revisions

View the document(s) revision history


Manage document package members


Manage email notifications for users

View Document Package Profile


Submit a document for eSignature


Review and revise a document prior to submittal for eSignature
  Icon Edit.png Edit an envelope after submission

Void a document package submitted for eSignature

Mark a document as complete

Mark a document package as complete


Delete a document

Delete a document package

  Icon One Click.png Generate a One-Click Document Package Report