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Downloading a Document in the Package

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Both members and Administrators of a document package can download any of the documents in the package for review.  However, the downloaded copy will be in a 'Read Only' format, meaning you will not be able to edit the document, even if you save it as a new file to your PC.  If you want to revise a contract document and make your revisions available to the Administrators and members of the document package, use the document check out/check in feature.

1.  In the Dashboard, locate the Document Packages portlet. 

   You can also download a document in the package from the Current tab in the Document Packages screen in a Contract Profile, or from the Current tab in the screen that displays when you click the Document Packages link in your My Place menu.

2.  In the portlet, locate the package containing the document you want to download.

3.  In the document package, locate the document, and click its  icon.

4.  Follow the onscreen prompts to download the document.