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Comparing Revisions in a Document Package

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

When more than one version of a document has been uploaded to a document package in a Contract Profile, you can run a comparison between any two versions of the document. Currently, you can run a comparison between two MS Word documents and two PDF files.

1.  In the Dashboard, locate the Document Packages portlet.

2.  In the portlet, locate the package with the document revisions you want to compare.

3.  In the document package, locate the document, and click itsIcon Compare.png icon.

4.  In the Compare Documents window, select the check boxes for the two versions of the document you want to compare, and click Compare.

5.  In the Document Compare window, locate the changes:
  • An addition to the document is indicated by red underlined text.
  • A document deletion is indicated by red text with the strikethrough effect.

To navigate the document, use the scroll bar or click Icon Thumbnail.png to display thumbnails of the document pages, and click on a thumbnail to jump to the page.

6. (Optional) Use the icons in the toolbar to perform additional tasks, such as printing and downloading the document. 

  • Click Icon Find.png to search the document for text or a value. Select the Highlight all check box to highlight all instances of the text or value in the document.

7.  Click Icon Close.png to close the Document Compare and Compare Documents windows.