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Marking and Unmarking a Document As Complete

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

All of the individual documents in a document package must be "marked as complete" before the package can be closed or the contract document(s) can be submitted for eSignature.

The process of "marking a document as complete" is identical to that of locking a document.  Conversely, the process of "unmarking a completed document" is identical to that of unlocking a document.

The Administrator of the package marks a document as "complete," or locks the document, when no further revisions should be made. However, an Administrator can "unmark," or unlock, a completed document, which changes its status to Open, and allows members of the package to check the document out for additional revisions.

Whenever a document is marked or unmarked as complete, email notification is sent to all members of the document package, notifying them of the status change for the document being negotiated.