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Marking a Document Package as Complete

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Once the work has been finished, an Administrator of a document package can "complete" the package so that it will be stored in the Contract Profile, or delete it if the package is no longer valid. Prior to completing the document package, all the documents in the package must be marked as complete.

When an Administrator "completes" a document package, no further changes can be made. The Administrator can select the documents that are copied and stored in the package in the Contract Profile.

  For document packages that are submitted for electronic signature, the Administrator must mark all the documents in the package as complete before the package is submitted for eSignature.  The Administrator can then mark the package as complete after electronic signatures have been obtained by clicking the Submitted tab to verify the status for all signers is Completed.  However, if your System Admin has turned on the option to automatically close the package when the required eSignatures are obtained, the package Administrator does not need to manually close the eSignature package.

1.  In the Dashboard, locate the Document Packages portlet. 

  Administrators can also mark a document package as complete from the Current (or Submitted) tab in the Document Packages browse screen in a Contract Profile or from the Current (or Submitted) tab in the screen that displays when you click the Document Packages link in your My Place menu.

2.  In the portlet, locate the document package that you want to complete, and click the package's  icon.

3.  In the Document Package Completion dialog box:

  • Select the check box for each document you want to save/store with the completed document package. 
    • In selecting the documents, if "Signed document" appears in the Notes field, select the document since it is a copy of the final executed contract document.  If "Attachment" appears in the field, this is an attachment to the executed contract and should also be selected.
  • Enter information pertinent to completing the document package in the Document Package Notes field.
  • Click Submit.

4.  In the Package Completed confirmation prompt, click OK.

5.  (Optional) In the Document Packages screen, click the Completed tab.

  • Click for a document to download a copy of the document.
  • Click for a document to view the history of the revisions that the document underwent.