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Generating a Document Package One-Click Report

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

A Document Package One-Click Report provides the information captured for all the document packages that have been added to a Contract Profile.  The report can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet where it can be formatted to meet your specifications.

1.  In the Dashboard, locate the Document Packages portlet. 

  You can also generate a Document Package One-Click Report from the Document Packages screen in a Contract Profile, or from the screen that displays when you click the Document Packages link in your My Place menu.

2.  In the portlet, click on the Current, Checked Out, Submitted, or Completed tab to identify the information you want displayed in your report.

3.  Click Icon One Click.png  to generate the report in a new browser tab.

4.  In the One-Click Report, click Download as Excel.