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Document Package Profile Screen

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The Document Package Profile contains additional functionality for the document/eSignature package that is not provided in the Document Packages browse screen.  The Profile is a divided screen with basic information in the top portion of the screen, along with action buttons that are used to perform additional tasks related to the document package.  In the bottom section of the screen are  four tabs (views) with action buttons to perform tasks related to the Documents, Invitations, Users, and Signers for the document package.

The Document Package Profile screen can be launched from three different locations: eSignature Packages portlet, Tools menu, and Contract Profile.

In the Document Package Profile, you can perform the following tasks:

You can also click on the appropriate icon in the Documents section of the Profile to perform the following tasks for individual documents in the package:




Check documents in and out


Undo the "check out" of a document

Lock and unlock documents

Download a copy of a document

Delete a document

Delete a document package