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Editing an Envelope After Submission

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

The "envelope" is the email message that contains the contract that is to be signed electronically, and is routed to signatories and other recipients in a pre-defined order.  Once the "envelope" is sent to the signatories, as well as any recipients copied on the electronic signing ceremony, Conga Contracts users can still edit all the components of the envelope in DocuSign

  Currently, Conga Contracts does not support editing an envelope in Adobe Sign.

1.  In the Contract Profile screen, click the Document Pkgs link.

2.  In the Document Packages browse screen, click the Submitted tab.

3.  Locate the envelope you want to edit, and click its  Icon Edit.png icon.


4.  In the eSignature Portal, navigate to the section you want to edit:

  • Add Documents - add a document to the signing ceremony, replace or delete the current document, or rename the document.
  • Add Recipients - add/remove signatories and recipients, change the signing order, edit the role of a signatory or recipient, and apply/remove access authorization for a signatory or recipient.
  • Message to All Recipients - edit the message in the envelope and send a personalized message to a signatory or recipient.
  • Advanced Options - set an expiration date for the envelope, and allow signatories to execute the document on paper and reassign the signing responsibility.

5.  Click NEXT to display the document that will be sent for eSignature in the Portal.


6.  Update the Signature fields and other data-capturing fields, as needed.

7.  Click CORRECT.

Conga Contracts sends an email notification to the signatories and recipients containing a link to the corrected envelope.