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Tracking a Document Submitted for eSignature

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Conga Contracts allows you to track the progress of the signing ceremony to ensure the document is being executed in a timely manner.

1.  Locate the eSignature Package containing the document you want to track in the eSignature Packages portlet in your Dashboard.

  You can also track an eSignature Package from the Submitted tab in the Document Packages browse screen in a Contract Profile or the Document Packages link in your My Place menu.

2.  View the status of each Signer record in the package.  The possible statuses include:

  • Completed - signatory has signed the document.
  • Pending Signature - signatory has not signed the document.
    • The Duration field shows the amount of time that has passed since the signatory received email notification, requesting their eSignature.
  • Waiting - second signatory is waiting for the first signatory to sign.