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Assigning a Witness (Reassign Signatory)

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

DocuSign allows you to reassign the responsibility of signing a document electronically to another individual. This feature is useful when a witness is required to authenticate a signatory's name on a document during the electronic signing process.

Using the eSignature Package Wizard, the signatory's email address is added to the envelope twice, allowing the signatory to sign the document when they receive the first request, and then reassign the second request for their signature to a witness.  Currently, Conga Contracts supports duplicate recipient email addresses in DocuSign, but not Adobe Sign.

Once the eSignature Package wizard is completed, Conga Contracts generates an email request for signature, directing the signatory to the DocuSign cloud, where he/she will simply furnish their signature in the appropriate location in the document. Conga Contracts will then send a second email request for signature to the same signatory, who must then reassign this responsibility to a witness in DocuSign.

  It is recommended that the witness is present when the signatory signs the document electronically, as well as when the signatory assigns the witness the responsibility of signing the document in DocuSign.

1.   Click the REVIEW DOCUMENT link in the email received from Conga Contracts to be directed to the DocuSign cloud.


2.  Click OTHER ACTIONS to display a menu, and select Assign to Someone Else.


3.  In the Assign to Someone Else window, enter the email address and full name of the new signer, along with the reason for reassigning the responsibility.