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Witnessing a Document

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

An individual that is selected to witness a signatory's electronic signature on a contract document receives email notification of this request. The request contains a hot link to the DocuSign cloud where the individual provides their signature and full name on the document signed by the signatory, attesting to the fact that they have witnessed the signing.

  The addition of a witness to a contract document is just one example of the way in which duplicate recipient email addresses can be used in the electronic signature process.

1.  Click the REVIEW DOCUMENT link in the email message you receive from Conga Contracts.  

2.  In the DocuSign cloud, review the message in the PRIVATE MESSAGE field, and click CONTINUE.

3.    Click Start to jump to the location where your signature, and other input, is required in the document.

4.   Click on the Signature icon to display the Adopt Your Signature window.

  • Update the information displayed in the Full Name and Initials fields, if needed.
  • Click ADOPT AND SIGN if the PREVIEW box showing your signature and initials is acceptable.
    • Click the Change Style link if you want to select a different signature style.
    • Click the Draw link if you want to draw your own signature.

5.  If present, click NEXT to jump to the text field and enter your full and legal name.

6.  Click FINISH.

7.  In the You're Done Signing window, click CONTINUE.