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Voiding an Envelope (eSignature Package)

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

After a document has been submitted for electronic signature using the eSignature Package Wizard, you can still halt the process by voiding the envelope. In Conga Contracts, the envelope is the email message containing the document for eSignature, which is sent to the signatories and recipients of the electronic signing process.

1.  Locate the envelope (eSignature Package) you want to void in the eSignature Packages portlet in your Dashboard.

  You can also void an envelope from the Submitted tab in the Document Packages browse screen in a Contract Profile or the Document Packages link in your My Place menu.

2.  Click the icon for the eSignature package.

3.  In the Void Envelope dialog box, enter the reason for voiding the envelope, and click Submit.

Conga Contracts sends an email to all participants in the electronic signing process, notifying them that the envelope is  voided.

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