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Conga Support

Downloading and Installing the Word Plug-In

This page applies to: Conga Contracts

Prior to using the Document Assembly feature, a user with the Word Add-In Access permission must download and install the MS Word plug-in, which is available from the Clause Browse screen. The plug-in allows the Conga Contracts Clause Library to run inside the Word application so that clauses stored in the Library can be dragged-and-dropped into a Word document.

       Ensure the Microsoft Word application is not running when you install the plug-in.

1.  Click MyPlace in the Navigation Toolbar, and click the Clauses link.

2.  In the Clause Browse screen, click + Word Add In in the toolbar.

If the button is not present, contact your Administrator and request the Word Add-in Access permission.

3.  In the Opening prompt, click Save File, and follow the on-screen prompts to select the location for the file.

4.  From the file location, double-click on the CongaWordPlugin application file to install the plug-in.

5.  (Optional) Launch Microsoft Word and open a document that needs to be updated using clauses from the Conga Contracts Clause Library.